Antarctica is a frozen hellhole that is provided with absurdly severe chill by its location relative to the Earth's axis, but it may be warmed in other ways than sun.

Geothermal energyEdit

It is possible to dig really deep pits in the ground in Antarctica. That will open access to the heat deep underground. By pouring water into the deep pits, steam will rise and warm Antarctica. Then it will be much more friendly to life.

Solving the technical difficultiesEdit

There may be ice in the way of the pit-digs, but that can simply be blown up. The excess water that forms may be led down into the ocean (yes, it will raise sea levels, but it only drowns countries that suppress crazy ideas anyway, so why care? Let's create a new land free for craziness instead.). Initial problems with getting water into the first finished pits may be solved by covering the ice around the pit with black powder that absorbs solar heat and melts the ice.